FX Market Movers: Use This Tool To Identify Currency Strength | Live Currency Strength Meter | Volatility Tool
 What Is A Live Currency Strength Meter? A live currency strength meter as the name implies is a series of algorithm (computer instructions) used to measure the strength of currencies in the financial market at a given period of time. It could be based on 1min, 5min, 30min, 1hr, 4hr timeframe and so on. How Do You Use The Meter?
Simply select any of the currencies to see its performance with the others. By default the USD 🇺🇸 is selected so you can see its performance with other pairs. Green bars mean gaining while Red bars mean losing.
How Can You Use The Currency Strength Meter To Trade Forex Profitably? You can be checking the currency strength meter from time to time to get clues on the strength of each currency put together with your analysis or sentiment so as to make a great trading decision for any session of the market. When you see currency gain strength immediately, you check the news to find out the reason for the move and make your decision. It's that simple 😊. Feel free to bookmark this page and check back to compare the strength of each currency to another. The meter will always be here for you to use and we shall continue to make improvements on it:

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