Use Our Pivot Calculator To Identify Support And Resistance Levels In Forex

What Are Pivot Points In FX And How Do We Calculate Them?

In a market price chart, a pivot point is the sum of an instrument’s previous trading day high, close and low prices, divided by three. If in a trading session, an instrument’s price is below the pivot point level, it can signal an ongoing downtrend, while if the instrument’s price is above the pivot point level it can be interpreted as an ongoing uptrend. Using pivot calculator makes it quite easy to identify the pivot points as well as the resistance and support levels. 

How To Use The Pivot Points Calculator On This Site...

The default calculator is set to Standard and this is how it work;  clear off the example numbers in them, then input the details for the currency pair you wish to use. 

For example if we use GBPUSD; Let's say the price  closed on the daily at the level of 1.3871, reached the high of 1.3958 and the low of 1.3861. 

Input the session high number of the pair which is 1.3958 in the column, input the session low of 1.3861and the close price of 1.3871. You can do this depending on any time frame of your choice. Once you have done that, you hit the calculate button to get the data.

 below will be the data using our calculator:

Resistance 31.4029
Resistance 21.3994
Resistance 11.3932
Pivot Point1.3897
Support 11.3835
Support 21.3800
Support 31.3738

The  calculator uses these three methods below so you can use any one that suits your trading strategy:

Standard Method: 7 levels ranging between the R3 and S3.

Woodie Method: 5 levels ranging between the R2 and S2.

Camarilla Method: 9 levels ranging between the R4 and S4.

DeMark Method: Requires the asset's opening price and calculates only 2 levels ranging between the R1 and S1.

How To Use Resistance And Support Levels To Trade Forex

After you must have used the tool to get the pivot point, the support and resistance levels of any pair you are trading, then you will get an idea on what point to book your profits when you are selling or buying. It will also give you an idea at what point to cut losses.

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